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She was being stubborn and selfish and wanted to show Jon and others that she was capable of being a leader. Secondly, if they really want to show Sansa maturing and being smart then the real reason why she didn’t tell him is simply the fact that if Ramsay got wind of the Vale being with them, he would have never met them on the battlefield. But we will have to wait till next week, so IMO the Sansa bashing should settle down here. If you saw your brother get murdered in cold blood right in front of you I think you’re emotions would get the best of you. Real people make real mistakes (not using this argument for Arya however). But when you have hundreds of arrows falling down on thousands of men who are all in close proximity of each-other it can happen. But other than that I think most complaints I have seen on here and other sites is really nitpicky. They don’t know write Mel and clearly don’t know what to do with her. She knows the Stark Banner will hang on the wall; she knows she will stand on the battlement catwalk and see it. GRRM writes a very different character; her visions are NEVER wrong in what she sees, but she can misinterpret them.

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Sansa sighed as she stitched. “ Poor Jon,” she said. “He gets jealous because he’s a bastard. ” “He’s our brother,” Arya said, much too loudly. It was frowning now. “What are you talking about, children? “ Our half brother,” Sansa corrected, soft and precise. Sansa only begins to consider Jon her full brother when she has no other brothers left. He’s the only one she’s got, the only family she’s got really. She doesn’t even know if Arya is dead or alive because she’s been missing for years.


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Emma first met her husband when she was just four years old and a bridesmaid at the wedding of her half-brother, Iain, to Ceawlin’s half-aunt, Silvy. During her childhood, they saw each other regularly at family gatherings at Longleat. But it wasn’t until 2011 that their relationship blossomed, after a meeting at the London members’ club Soho House. Like her mother, she quickly gained a reputation for her attention-grabbing dress sense and camera-ready smile. Twelve years Ceawlin’s junior, she began appearing on his arm in a collection of flamboyant, figure-hugging dresses, most with a thigh-high split and low-cut neckline. Indeed, she’s so comfortable with her own body that she once stripped down to her knickers to change her clothes mid-interview without batting an eyelid. Now a mother herself, one might imagine Emma would have toned down her behaviour. But her marriage into one of Britain’s most eccentric families seems only to have fuelled her craving for the spotlight. Could it be that Emma can’t bear to be outdone by the exploits of her unconventional in-laws. Despite the thawing in relations, she seems unable to resist antagonising them.


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Seven hells i can’t wait to see Dontraki screamers in action. That solution is not easy and for one not even logical. here are a million people Kings Landing and to assume all of them would be able to sneak out with the Gold Cloaks or the Lannister army is naive. ot to mention there will be Cersei supporters among the small folk of Kings Landing so they would just simply inform people of the crown about what is going on. o chance in hell you can remove that many people from Kings Landing without tipping off Lannisters and Gold Cloaks. Not just supporters but people eager to exchange information for gold. r Tyrion. ersei put a price on his head. The war between Dany and the Lannisters can stop only if BOTH sides stop fighting. Even if Dany were to be willing to call a truce, if the Lannisters continue to attack her, she will be forced to retaliate, which means more fighting among the humans, something which Jon WANTS TO STOP.


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Inevitably this had consequences for his various signings. First Alan Weir decided to leave and was replaced on drums by Jim Breakey. Then one night Tony Myles didn’t turn up for a gig in Stirling. It transpired that he had run away to get married and didn’t come back. The tensions in and around the group continued to grow. Andrew Loog Oldham was spending most of his time steering The Rolling Stones to fame and fortune and had relegated The Poets to Paul Raven (later to become Gary Glitter). Hume Paton’s father was taking an unwelcome role in the band’s day to day business. While down in London to promote the latest single the group and roadies had to live for a fortnight or so in their two vans parked in a small housing scheme near to Euston station. The original group disintegrated quite quickly after that. Jim Breakey either left or was fired after an ugly argument about money.


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Junior Zach Resatar stated, “I’m definitely most excited for Bridget Jones’s Baby. I love a good scandal, and the comedy is classic. Another student, Senior Celeste Wilbois remarked, “I’m most excited for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’m so happy to see one of my favorite books come to life. As October is approaching, there are a few movies that look promising during the Halloween season; three in particular hold promise: 31, a horror movie; Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Check back next month for a review of these movies and student commentaries on each. Allie has been a HUB staff member for two years now, and she enjoys writing. Video. Itox; 1 ! T All-American Craig Campbell in the revival of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta tehieli opent tomorrow evening at Er-lunger's Theater.


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You’ll never win. Speaking of creepy guys that love Dany, Tyrion was being SUPER weird standing outside while our two dragons did the horizontal dance. Many people believe he might also be in love with Dany. BUT I have a deeper theory that I believe better explains this moment and a couple other moments in this episode. However, you will not be getting that theory today. But will it ruin everything when they, and everyone else, find out they’re really aunt and nephew. Try not to think about it from our own cultural perspective. It’s actually somewhat common for cousins to marry each other in Westeros. For instance, Tywin Lannister and his wife were cousins. Another example, Ned Stark’s father and his wife were also cousins.


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Weird) but it still has a powerful force in it to move and shake me at times. I'm not talking about any kind of spiritual force, and I don't agree with Billy that the film itself is evil or from the devil, I'm talking about the force that all exceedingly well made films have. That magic that plugs into our emotions and dictates the way we will feel for the next 120 minutes or so. It's that force I find so addictive in movies and what has fed my obsession with them almost my whole life. That being said, The Exorcist isn't a movie I will return to over and over again. Once or twice a decade is probably more than enough for me. I find demon possession movies to be some of the scariest movies out there. The Exorcist sparked a whole horror film sub-genre of exorcism movies that are all disturbing in their own way and more often than not genuinely frightening experiences. But The Exorcist is still the best among them (of the ones I've seen). That's not to say the scariest (that title would probably go to last year's Paranormal Activity), but the most effective, well made and highest quality.