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Napa Valley Women’s Chorus (and Northern California. Women’s Chorus). P. . Box 2001 Yountville, CA 94599.

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The reason for the change in setting is never apparent) London is portrayed in a way that is almost a distraction. Yes, the world isn't white washed; diversity is a thing--a wonderful thing at that. But DC's version of Captain America's Howling Commandos consist of an Arab and an American Indian. Diversity for diversity's sake becomes distracting--especially when paired with a low-rent Simon Pegg whose soul function is being a deadly sniper who never fires his weapon (that's helpful on a top-secret mission behind enemy lines). It's almost as if the movie telegraphs all of these unnecessary plot hiccups to remind you that this is a super hero film, and no matter how much the mortal humans fail, it will all be okay because the super hero will save the day.


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big guy 5. out of 5 stars satan's blood. Albert Rainsford 5. out of 5 stars Great Euro Horror movie. Production values are not quite up to the Hammer standard, of course, but clear, well-filmed and wekk-acted.


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Sansa’s speech is music to my ears. 219. Ramsay’s death is so, so satisfying. Like, I feel sick seeing Margaery file into the sept, knowing what’s going to happen. And I’m just fucking living for this whole stunningly-executed sequence.