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Not really But for the foreseeable future we will still be demigods and will draw parallels to the past probably the pre christian past. Im no philosopher but my guess is it can be boiled down to it aint no sin to be glad youre alive and all that implies which of course is there aint no sin. And more than one person around here has implied they’re talking about me. I get them fuck i get artx spent plenty of time omong niggers. I cant build a new morality on artx i think i can with average whites. There wasn’t a war or a famine or a plague or a foreign occupation. Even the economic changes of the past few decades do very little to explain the dysfunction and negligence—and the incomprehensible malice—of poor white America.

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Now, that's not actually as easy as it sounds, because I've got the advantage of a much cleaner signal path than any of the mastering guys would have had originally; but then, I'm also dealing with much more worn tape, so I've already got one arm behind my back before I start. But I'm happy with what I got, and it definitely feels better to me than what I was hearing from the original pressings. To be honest with you, there weren't any major challenges. The hardest things to deal with were fixing drop-outs, where there were little holes in the oxide that had been transferred to the digital files. That may be a drop-out that's always been there, or it might just be wear and tear on the tape, or a point where somebody'd crunched the tape when they re-wound it; but with digital restoration software, I can repair those fairly well. But I wasn't going to try and zing up the lo-fi albums, because people know and love them as they are, so it's not for me to try and rewrite history. And it would be wrong; if I was to try and screw in tons of EQ and make it sound really big and bright and smash you in the face, that wouldn't be what people are expecting, because that's not how those records sound.


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Jaise mai vahi bhuli bhatiyari ke saamne wale school me pda hu aur ander tk gya hu cinema hall tk dopeher me. Aur jo mehel h vo dinn me gate khula hota h mai ander gya hu dosto ke sath dinn mein kuch khaas ni h waha bs chhote chhote jail bne huye h old type ke. Hmm ape trust ha can you lock your self in bathroom and put some candeles behind the mirrors and speack her name theree time bladdy Mary. Kar? ? la birlikte surdurmekte oldugu sessiz yasam. Impetigore sendiri merupakan proyek kerjasama Joko Anwar dengan BASE Entertainment, Ivanhoe Pictures, CJ Entertainment, dan RAPI Films.


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Surely murdering the lord and heirs to Highgarden would at the very least cause anger amongst those loyal to House Tyrell. Instead joining them is what the writers would have you believe is the right thing to do. Also the Euron Greyjoy scenes which whilst entertaining, were downright illogical and made no sense. Firstly, am I honestly expected to believe that half of the Greyjoy army is capable of defeating the other half of the Greyjoy army AND House Martell. I mean House Martell is one of the great houses and the only house that were able to withstand the dragons of the Targaryen Conquest. They alone should have easily been able to dispatch Euron Greyjoy's army. But apparently, them AND the other half of the Greyjoy army couldn't defeat Euron Greyjoy.


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No Jack in the Box jokes allowed in this conference. No Keyboard present, press CTRL-ALT-DEL to continue. No MORGANA card? She spends more time on-field than SOME players. No Magic-Fingers for you, young man! -- Crow T. Robot.


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David harus menjalani terapi yang panjang dan tak mudah, dimana Asih yang memperjuangkannya. David, sebagai pemilik perusahaan, selalu dipaksa untuk memikirkan bagaimana caranya mengatasi bisnisnya yang hampir bangkrut. Proses menuju hilang ingatan pun bisa terjadi apabila David berada pada kondisi tertekan dengan otak yang dipaksa untuk berpikir keras. Tentu, hal ini menjadi tren positif dimana karya anak muda bisa menjadi inspirasi dari sebuah film. Film “Dear Nathan” yang akan dirilis pada akhir bulan Maret 2017 adalah salah satunya. Diangkat dari novel karya Erisca Febriani, drama ni menghadirkan kisah tokoh utama bernama Nathan, yang selalu menyukai Salma. Sebaliknya, ia selalu menghindar saat Nathan ingin mengajak dia ngobrol.