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I imagine an internal monologue going something like “wait, why would you wear armor to a wedd-ooooohhhhhh shitshitshitshit. I love that the show trusted to viewer to catch the significance of this on their own without spelling it out in some way that would’ve ruined the moment. Even the panicked strangeness of Catelyn’s reaction (she slaps him) rings true. They want that buzz again, they want that hype again, that feeling like they’re flying. And to me this is the show’s own mini meta-tragedy: they’re not going to get it. No matter how many characters they feed into their industrial-strength character mincing machine they’re never going to equal the rush of the first time. This is not only because of the natural diminishing returns of dipping your bucket into the “major character death” well over and over again, but also because the Red Wedding took place in a world made up of consistent and believable norms.

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one of them just came and sat on my knee during the biscuit break, which incidentally is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed. Children swarming around a plate of chocolate digestives like a pack of lions circling a wounded Zebra. Wet fingers claw at the chocolate, children put back half-finished attempts, with the coating licked off. Other children pick these up like biscuit batons and carry on munching. Within five minutes there is more DNA swapped than a corrupt copper at a crime scene. I’m the only dad there and at the time I’d been there only two weeks. It’s a tricky decision, throw them off and look like a bully, allow them to perch there and look like something way worse.

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Wade pushes forward quickly with a takedown and pushes the action to the cage before dragging the fight to the floor. He eventually turns and looks to stand, but Wade threatens to take the back. Perez has to turn back the other way, but Wade keeps looking for the back and does slip around. Perez crawls up to his feet and turns inside before spinning off the cage. Now it’s Perez looking for the takedown, but Wade sprawls against the cage. Perez relentless with his effort, but Wade defending well and looks to attack the left arm with the kimura grip. Wade quickly works to his knees and back to his feet and counters with a beautiful head-and-arm throw.

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om NYC taxi drivers camp it up in playful pinup calendar cbs46. om. The ACLU of Rhode Island says it's re-staffing the hotline because of the continuing large backlog of applications that are causing undue hardship to poor residents. A federal judge appointed an attorney this month to ensure that Rhode Island residents receive food stamps on time, as benefits for thousands of people have been delayed amid computer problems. The ACLU sued the state last year, alleging that the state failed to process food stamp applications and issue benefits within the time frames mandated by the federal government. ACLU staff will forward application processing delay complaints to the attorneys for the plaintiffs for possible expedited resolution. ACLU brings back hotline for food stamp processing delays charlotteobserver.

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Con artists. Murderers. And when they succeed at pulling off their big tricks, it’s far from harmless. It ends up with folks manipulated, bankrupted, or dead. We can put up with anything if you give it a soundtrack and some flashy lights. And that scares me. A lot.

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Generally, they are difficult to predict and result in damages to properties and disruption of transportation systems. In order to improve the knowledge about the physical process itself and to develop new protection measures, large- scale field experiments were conducted in Veltheim, Switzerland. The flow as well as the impact into the barrier was monitored using various measurement techniques. Laser devices recording flow heights, a special force plate measuring normal and shear basal forces as well as load cells for impact pressures were installed along the test slope. In addition, load cells were built in the support and retaining cables of the barrier to provide data for detailed back-calculation of load distribution during impact. For the last test series an additional guiding wall in flow direction on both sides of the barrier was installed to achieve higher impact pressures in the middle of the barrier. With these guiding walls the flow is not able to spread out before hitting the barrier.

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But over the past season and a half in particular, he’s become a standout. Pairing him with Arya was a stroke of genius, and their scenes together have been dependable highlights of the show. Rory McCann really stepped up to the demands of the role, as the normally monotone, stoic warrior showed his vulnerable side, talking to Arya about his childhood burning at the hands of his brother, and ultimately begging her to end his suffering. His fight with Brienne was a heartstopper — not just physically intense, but emotionally as well since both characters are so great that no matter who wins, we lose. I suppose there’s a chance we could still see him next season — perhaps Littlefinger, Sansa and Robin Arryn will come upon him while exploring the Vale. But even if we see him again, survival is hard to imagine. From the beginning, Jorah has been one of my favorite characters, so to see the spying he did on Daenarys in their early days together catch up with him now, after he’s been such a loyal adviser, kinda devastated me.